CX Season is here!

Ok.. two weeks into MY CX season (I missed the first race due to work) and I am suffering!
I spent all summer riding 3000+ miles and training quite hard (or so I thought).

Towards the end of the summer I raced a few road races and they straight up kicked my ass. I realized that a hammerfest with buddies a few times a week is still not the high octane cardio abuse you need to submit to to be a fast racer. Especially in CX where you are at Red Line for the whole race.

I’m now jumping into a hard training routine of puking off your bike intervals and some good MTB/CX training rides 4 days a week, with 2 recovery days thrown in the mix. I don;t care about making the podium, I just want to finish and feel like I was STRONG!

Two weeks ago I felt pretty good, but not amazing. This past week (race #3 of the NEOCX series) it was LONG, hilly and muddy and it kicked me in the ass hard. Lap 3 literally told me… “Steve, you need more cardio, I am kicking your ass hard, and if you actually finish this race, I may give you 1 ounce of respect”.

SO off to train I go!

See you in the cold and the mud at ALL of the NEOCX races!

A few pics of me suffering!

2nd NEOCX race Wendy Park, I’m trying to stay with my friend Laura who went on to kick major ass!

Blundering over the barriers at this past weeks race.

This has to be on the first lap, this was a hill run up, and I can tell you on my 3rd time around I did not look this composed.

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