The CX Struggle Continues…

So here I sit on Monday a day after the Stark Velo CX GP kicked my ass. I am a bit upset, a bit confused and a bit mad at myself. I am trying really hard to not suck,and it seems like my efforts are falling short. I have added a ton of intervals to my training and have started to really try and get my cardio up.

Well yesterday I made it 3/4 of a lap and hit a wall. I was moving, but I had no real power. It was really pissing me off. I’d see a guy pass me, and I’d try to hammer harder and ….NOTHING. I’d just keep mashing along.

After speaking with a few accomplished racers I’m starting to see some holes in my prep for the races. One of the biggest being what I am eating prior to the races. Being Vegan is not the issue, being a guy with huge race anxiety IS the issue. I can hardly sleep the night before, so I am not getting an awesome amount of sleep, and then in the morning my nerves are so bad I can’t eat anything at all. So basically I’m asking my body to hammer at 100% for 30+ Min with absolutely no fuel in it. Now that I think about this, I must be dull or partially “special” to not have realized that this could possibly be an issue!

My wife Amy suggested a wonderful idea to me as I sulked in the van on the way home yesterday. She said why don’t I treat every day like a race day. Meaning go to bed at a reasonable hour, get up at 7am, EAT, do the Three S’s (Shower, shave and .. well you get it) and then do my hard workouts at 9am or before if possible. This way my body is used to getting up, eating and then hitting it hard. I like this. I like this a lot. So tomorrow I’m going to get up at 7am,Eat and then hammer it before work. 3 sets of HARD intervals this week, and 2 days of going to a local park and riding pretty hard in the grass to get that “marshmallow” rolling resistance that you can only get from riding on grass and mud. And if this doesn’t help me for next weeks race, well then I’ll ask some more questions and keep trying. At the end of the day my goal for the next few years is to simply not suck. Of course I’d like to actually be good, but for now just not sucking would make me ecstatic!

Oh and on the vegan nutrition front, I stopped slacking and bought my Vega “one a day” and Vega Protein powders again. I do feel like my power was much better this summer when I was using these on a regular basis. So they are back into the mix. Also, a nice Vega shake in the morning before a race will give me everything I need in a nice, easy on the stomach package so hopefully that will help me out!

OK.. learning more each day… and also learning how deep into the pain cave you need to go to do this CX stuff!

You can check out my pathetic and yet “sufferfest” Mens Cat 4 Start Velo CX GP ride below:

STRAVA DATA: Stark Velo Mens Cat 4 Race

And here are some shots of me being pathetic during the race courtesy of Julie Lewis-Sroka.

The only “Win” I had yesterday was riding this hill 3 out of 4 times. Hey sometimes ya have to take the small wins, it’s all I had!

The Decent from the big hill, I enjoyed this section. HAHA.. RECOVERY!

The sand trap with REAL Belgian sand. It was actually pretty fun to ride!

And finally….

The END.. literally! =-)

Next week.. Blue Sky NEOCX #5.. Ahh yea.. here we go!

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2 Responses

  1. I feel you man! I was the guy who lined up right next to you on the green Raleigh. I blew up halfway through after hanging tough in what was the top ten. Looks like you’re on the right track! I switched from road cycling so I had a base. I just need to go the whole 30 minutes! Good luck!

  2. Careful on doing too much hard stuff – you’ll burn out before the season ends and that would really suck. Typical regimen is no more than 2 hard days a week and not on consecutive days. Try some hill repeats or one of my favorite sufferfests; 90seconds at full throttle, 30secs recovery, repeat for 5 sets (10minutes) then go right into a 10minute full throttle time trial, rest 5 minutes and then do the whole thing all over again. Total workout time of 45 minutes.

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